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    Welcome to The Owsley County History and Genealogy Society website.

    Our goal is the preservation of the history of Owsley County and surrounding counties of Kentucky and researching families who lived in this area of southeastern Kentucky.

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    The Owsley County History and Genealogy Society

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    Baker - Robert Julius Baker Journal 1
    Monday, August 27 @ 21:28:51 EDT - (6991 reads)

    The “Robert Julius Baker Journal” is an important part of our history.  This file is 104 MB’s  in size and some computers will take a few minutes up to an hour (depending upon your connection speed) to download so that you can read it.  Much of it is a book of legislation that was passed in the year that he served in the War of 1812. “ Acts of Legislature For the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”  If you feel you have questions, join with many of us who are still searching.  This is worth the read as he has written on many of the pages within this book on the edges of pages and on blank pages through out.   We hope you will find something here that will help you in your quest.  Courtesy of Jackie Burton.

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    FEATURED PHOTO: Andrew Wilson Family
    Tuesday, November 08 @ 15:16:58 EST - (7398 reads)
    Andrew Wilson Family

    Back Row;left to right Ida Wilson Fannin, Dock Fraley, Dan Wilson, Ellen Hitch, Avis Wilson; Middle Row, left to right Margaret Wilson Fraley, Andrew Wilson, Elizabeth,Lewis,Wilson, John Wilson, Front Row:left to right Walter Wilson, Baby Stella Fraley

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    Tuesday, February 24 @ 10:26:41 EST - (3434 reads)
    Added in August, 2011

    Lee County Agricultural Fair Programs

    Added in March, 2011

    The Kentucky Genealogical Society 2011 Seminar:Clearing Your Genealogical Hurdles

    John B. Wilson Diary 1906

    Added in February, 2011

    Duff: Colson and Elizabeth Gilbert Duff Family

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    2015 Membership
    Sunday, January 18 @ 01:19:17 EST - (2979 reads)

    2015 Membership 

    By mail to: OCHGS, PO Box 976, Booneville, KY 41314. Write your name and "Membership" on the memo line of your check. 

    Or by  PayPal by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.  

    A printable membership application form for new members is also available.

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    Marion and Martha Couch with Memorial Stones
    Friday, November 21 @ 23:32:11 EST - (3364 reads)
    Memorial Stones Set in the Harvey Combs and William Abner Cemeteries

    On October 21, 2008 new Memorial Tombstones were set by the Owsley County History and Genealogy Society.  One in the William Abner Cemetery on the South Fork for William and Jane Baker Abner and Alma Moore and one for John Logan and Mary Cook in the Harvey Combs Cemetery.  The two stones were made by Martha and Marion Couch from Alabama.  We are honored that they brought the stones all the way to Kentucky and then returned to help Tommy Barrett in the setting of them.  The following photos were taken at the settings.

    Marion and Martha CouchTom Barrett, Marion and Martha Couch
    We also wish to thank Sadie Couch Lundy Mosley, LaVonne Smith and Geraldine Bowling for taking the photo for us of the Cook Children’s stone and for attending our loved ones memorial.

    This is the beginning of something far bigger for our group as Marion and Martha would not take funds to make these two stones; Nan Wilson, sister of Alma Moore and 2nd Great Granddaughter of William and Jane Baker Abner, Nancy Frost Moulton also a 2nd Great Granddaughter and first cousin to Alma and Carol Sue Campbell, sister of John Logan and Mary Cook and 3rd Great Granddaughter of William and Jane and 2nd cousin of Alma, Nancy and Nan, donated funds intended for Martha and Marion, to the Owsley County History and Genealogy Society’s new Tombstone Project.

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    Civil War Pension Book Compact Disk
    Tuesday, November 18 @ 14:41:46 EST - (3601 reads)
    Civil War Pension Records of Owsley County, Kentucky Veterans

    Volume 1 Surnames A – B on Compact Disk

    Virtually the same as the book, in a fully searchable Adobe PDF file, on a convenient compact disk

    $35.00 + $4.00 S & H
    Kentucky Residents add 6% sales tax please

    This is an excellent gift for your family ‘Genealogist’ any time of year!

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    Cemetery CD # 1
    Saturday, May 24 @ 16:13:04 EDT - (4130 reads)
    Owsley County, Kentucky, Cemetery Project CD #1

    Included photos and annotations of these 17 cemeteries: Veneable, Vires, Warren Chapel, Wilder, Donnie, Wilson and Ambrose, Wilson Cemetery (Milltown), Wilson Family, Wilson. Harding, Wilson James H., Wilson, John, Wilson, Phillip, Wilson, Robert F., Wilson Strong and Smith, Woods, (Upper Buffalo), Young and Gibson, Young (Possum Trot), Young (Travelers Rest)

    $15.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling

    Kentucky Residents add 6% tax

    Send Check or Money Order to:
    Owsley County History and Genealogy Society
    P.O. Box 976,
    Booneville, Ky 41314

    Purchase this cd via paypal by following this link.

    Note: To see a sample of how the files are presented click on the link to the Clark and Scott Cemetery file below:

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    John ''Speed'' Hamilton Tombstone Dedication
    Tuesday, October 16 @ 09:55:43 EDT - (6084 reads)

    Composed by Joel Meyers

    This article has appeared in The Booneville Sentinel and most recently in The Kentucky Explorer November, 2009 edition.

    Photo by Tommy Barrett

    John Speed Hamilton

    Tombstone Dedication
    September 4, 2007
    Hamilton/Venable Cemetery
    Marcum Ridge Rd.
    Vincent, Owsley Co., Kentucky

    Thank you to all who gave of their time and money to make this stone dedication a reality and all those who attended this stone dedication for John Speed Hamilton, United States Marshall killed in the line of duty one hundred and fifteen years ago, almost to the day.

    Patrick Hamilton, Sr., great grandfather to John Speed Hamilton, came into Kentucky from Augusta Co., Va. through the Cumberland Gap on the Wilderness Trail shortly after Daniel Boone and his 30 axmen carved the trail out in 1775. Patrick settled in Estill County, Kentucky and began grubbing out his homestead. Hard work and many trials faced these early pioneers. In 1785, Patrick Hamilton, Jr., Speed Hamilton’s Grandfather, was born. As his father before him, he proceeded to raise his own family the best way he could. To him and his wife, Sarah “Sally Stivers, John Speed Hamilton’s father was born. Owen Hamilton stayed in the Estill County area until he was 17 years old and migrated to Owsley Co., Ky. with his parents. Here he met and married Anna Roberts in 1845. During the bloody War Between the States, John Speed Hamilton was brought into this world. He was born on July 25, 1863.

    As a small child, John witnessed the savage raids and revenge killings by the Rebels who could not accept that the war was over. Lawlessness prevailed all over the area where John lived. The main instigator was moonshine whiskey. It was known as the Devil’s Brew. Honest hardworking men, after consuming the brew, would fight and kill their neighbors. John must have realized his mission in life at an early age. He had to help bring down these brewers of death and destruction. He became a United States Marshal and waged his own war against these Moonshiners. John, along with other Marshals, had arrested dozens of these men and put them out of business.

    On August 25, 1892 John and his Deputy, a Mr. Riley, received tips that a big moonshine operation was being conducted by John Sandlin and Estill Deaton in Breathitt Co., Ky. They set out on horse-back for Breathitt County and nearing Crockettsville, they were ambushed by gunfire. Deputy Riley was shot in the arm and John was hit six times. The shooters fled and Riley managed to get John on his horse and took him back to his home in Owsley County. John Speed Hamilton died from his wounds a few days later on August 28th.

    We dedicate this stone in memory of John Speed Hamilton, United States Marshall. Born July 25, 1863 and died in the line of duty from gunshot wounds on August 28, 1892. The letters carved in this stone will serve as a lasting memorial for all who stand before it.
    Remember forever the bravery, valor and courage interred beneath the stone.

    Thanks go to the members of The Owsley County History and Genealogy Society for donating their time and money, for looking for details to his life and death, and to Sheriff Kelly Shouse, Searcy and Strong, and all the attendees for taking the time to come and share in this memorial, Kelly Shouse, Owsley County Sheriff, Johnnie Moore, Owsley County Deputy Sheriff, Officer John Logsdon, Chief of Police, Booneville and Trooper James Gross of the Kentucky State Police, Post 7. Thank you to ordinary citizens, Tom TT Barrett, Joel Meyers, and his sister Jill Frese from Manhattan, Kansas and Lavonne Smith. The dedication eulogy was given by Joel Meyers and flowers by John and Jill Frese, the Flag from Tom. Thanks to Tom and Wendell for setting the stone.

    Photo by Jill Frese

    To see a photo of John Speed Hamilton go to the Photo Gallery.

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    Civil War Pension Records book now available!
    Thursday, July 19 @ 18:19:04 EDT - (8001 reads)

    The new book, "Civil War Pension Records of Owsley County, KY Veterans" is now available!! This book of transcribed pension records measures 8½" X 11" and is 505 pages, including a 16 page every-name-index. It's coil binding allows it to lay flat for ease of research. Volume I includes surnames A-B (see Table of Contents) and is formatted to resemble the original records. View a sampling of a pension record from the book.
    The genealogical information you can find in these pages is invaluable. Some of the things you can learn about your ancestor, besides his service record, are where he lived before and after the war, who his neighbors and close friends were, where he was born and his physical description. You can also find when he died, what caused his death and possibly where he was buried. If he was living in 1897, 1898, or 1911, he was required to file a Family Report, naming his children and their birth dates, his wife (or wives) and their marriage, death, &/or divorce dates.

    If his widow survived him, you may find the location and description of the property he left her, and a marriage and death record. Some pension files even have Certificates of marriage and death records, and copies of these are included in the book.

    Besides all of these things, you may find historical tidbits, and possibly — family secrets.

    We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your family history and about the early families of Owsley County, KY.

    To order via check or money order click here.

    Purchase this publication via paypal by following this link.

    Now available on compact disc (CD).

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